Higher Prices for Bitcoin and Ethereum, with Potential Gains for XRP


The upside breach of the $19,500 resistance is the target for the price of bitcoin.

Ethereum may return to $1,400, and XRP may increase gains above $0.42.

XLM and HNT are displaying indicators of a recent increase.

The $19,500 resistance is still a challenge for the price of bitcoin. BTC is currently consolidating (11:10 UTC) close to the $19,000 region. If there is no upward break, the bears may advance in the direction of the $18,000 level.

The majority of significant altcoins may also aim for a new increase. If there is a definite move above the $1,350 resistance, ETH may continue to gain steadily. Over the $0.40 mark, XRP is consolidating its gains. ADA is still reversing over the $0.45 region.

Bitcoin value

The price of bitcoin range-traded around $19,000 throughout the course of the last three days. BTC appears to be anticipating a new rise after it crossed a corresponding negative trend line at $19,000 on the hourly chart. The 50-hour simple moving average and the $19,200 level are the current targets for a closure. Near $19,380 is the next significant barrier. The price might reach the $19,620 or perhaps $20,000 resistance level with a clean move above the $19,380 resistance.

On the downside, a preliminary support is located close to the $19,000 mark. Below the $18,785 area, where the price may test the $18,380 support area, is the next significant support.

Price of Ethereum

Above $1,320, the price of ethereum is forming a base of support. The 50-hour simple moving average and the $1,350 resistance zone are two other areas where ETH is trying an upside breach. The next significant barrier is still located close to the $1,390 and $1,410 levels, above which the price can start to grow significantly.

If not, the cost might drop once again. On the hourly chart, a bullish trend line and the $1,330 level provide early support. The price may return to $1,275 below the next significant support level of $1,310.

ADA, BNB, SOL, DOGE, and XRP price

Cardano (ADA) is still consolidated above the $0.450 region. Its price is ADA, BNB, SOL, DOGE, and XRP. Nearby to the $0.465 mark is an immediate barrier; above it, the price may rise in the near future toward the $0.48 mark.

BNB is now trading under $270. At $272, there is a direct obstacle. The $275 level is the first significant barrier; if this level is crossed, a wave upward toward the $288 level may begin.

The $32.50 resistance is proving difficult for Solana (SOL) to overcome. A definite surge over $32.50 might signal the beginning of a respectable rise. In the opposite scenario, the value can decline to $30.50 and $30.20 levels.

Under the $0.0600 support, DOGE is gradually slipping lower. It appears like the price might attempt to test the $0.0580 level. A further

The price of Cardano (ADA) has not moved below the $0.450 area. It costs BNB, SOL, DOGE, ADA, and XRP. The price may rise in the near future approaching the $0.48 level if it rises above the $0.465 barrier.

BNB is currently under $270. There is a clear barrier at $272. The $275 level represents the first substantial resistance; if this level is broken, an upward wave toward the $288 level can start.

Solana (SOL) is having trouble getting beyond the $32.50 resistance. The start of a respectable climb can be indicated by a clear increase over $32.50. Contrarily, the value may decrease to $30.50 and $30.20 levels.

DOGE is edging lower under the support level of $0.0600. It seems like

currently available alternative cryptocurrencies

USTC, HNT, KSM, RVN, CVX, USDN, EOS, KLAY, and LDO are a few cryptocurrencies that are seeking a new climb. Out of them, HNT hopes to see a rise above $4.60.

To sum up, the $19,500 and $19,620 resistance levels are still being overcome by the price of bitcoin. A closing that is higher than $19,500 could signal the beginning of a significant rise.

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