Crypto coach: How to stay warm during the crypto winter ?

It happens in the world of cryptocurrency that you never know when and how long the horrific crypto winter will arrive, but when it arrives it can wreak havoc in your digital wallet.

We are currently in the depths of the crypto winter snow as panic selling explodes, leading to a plunge in the once-heated cryptocurrency market.

Where in the winter of this Bitcoin, for example, fell from an all-time high of $69,044 a coin in November to $17,745 in June. The Terra classic was climbing high in May but dropped to zero in June as Voyager went bankrupt and the massive hedge fund went colder.

1 Trading all day and all night in a bear market is short selling cryptocurrencies as a way to make money, so instead of trading in the hope that the currency will rise, you are trading on the assumption that the currency is falling, and you take advantage of these gains in this way.

However, according to my experience, short selling is a more common and accepted practice in the crypto world than it is in the stock market, as many traders trade in the short and long term, but to succeed in this they must have a strong understanding of how to trade cryptocurrencies and also Knowing how to read performance charts and pricing procedures

2_ In order to stay warm during the crypto winter, you must do nothing. All you have to do is watch the show from the sidelines and then wait and wait some more until the coins go down and then go down and buy. However, the baggers who paid more for their coins will hate you, but you will be able to make huge returns when the crypto bull market returns.

3 _You should also keep in mind that stablecoins are still in high inflation (9.1% currently) and investor returns are not keeping pace. Using cryptocurrency to protect your purchasing power via stablecoins is a hedge against inflation. However, you can make higher profits by depositing your stablecoins in lending them or in smart contracts. The most popular stablecoins are backed by the US dollar and maintain a 1:1 value against the dollar. The most popular so far is (USDT) which is one of the most liquid stablecoins with a market capitalization of 66 billion dollars, it is the third-largest currency by market capitalization in addition to the USDC currency They are two of the most secure stablecoins.

4 _ In the winter of crypto put your coins in cold storage and transfer your money to cold storage and be careful not to trust your money in a central exchange (CEX). You can use decentralized exchanges to lend your coins via

5_ During the crypto winter, read and take the time to hone your crypto skill by gaining more information on how to trade and reading charts or simply learn about DeFi and stablecoins and also work on learning about different Blockchain technologies and trading on Testnet platforms If you are not familiar with it, some platforms allow you to trade with fake money to learn how to use their platform, which is similar to trading stocks in simulated mode.

6 _ Consolidation of dollar average cost is the same as traditional investing. The strategy of investing equal amounts at regular intervals regardless of the price also applies in the crypto world and is more useful in reducing the hassle of volatility on investing your coins.

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