Wikimedia Foundation stops accepting donations in cryptocurrency

 At the beginning of this year a request was made to the Wikimedia Foundation to stop accepting cryptocurrencies as the discussion saw arguments for and against the suggestion that crypto is an environmental disaster due to its reputational risk of appearing as an endorsement of environmental destruction and endorsing the crypto community through allegations. Saying that proof-of-stake will fix environmental concerns, that fiat money is not environmentally friendly, and that cryptocurrencies are safer for anonymous use.

During the discussion, the Wikimedia Foundation said that the previous fiscal year, the cryptocurrency accounted for only 0.08% of total revenue of $130,101 with 347 donors using this payment method and that most of them were in bitcoin.

Over the weekend, the director of Wikimedia Corporation published that the foundation had decided to stop directly accepting cryptocurrencies as a way to donate.

As this decision was made based on recent comments from the communities themselves, the foundation's bitpay account will be closed, removing their ability to accept cryptocurrency directly as a donation method.

She also added that the Foundation will continue to monitor the development of the issue and that the Foundation will be flexible and responsive to the needs of volunteers.

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