Twitter expands payment options and adds Ethereum

Twitter has announced an expansion of the resources users can choose when sending tips to creators on the service.

In 2021, the site's tips feature was introduced, and it is available to all users over the age of 18 or older, and in 2022 it allows fans to click on the hints icon in the user's profile to send them money in the amount of their choice.

How were payment options expanded and ethereum added?

Twitter described the option as a way for users to show support, appreciation, and help, or to reward anyone you want from journalists, start-ups, and creators to Twitter spaces

The functionality also previously supported many third-party payment services that were only limited to traditional credit card or bitcoin payments, Twitter adds support for three additional third-party payment processors — paga, barter by flutterwave, and paytm

Twitter was an expected initial support for Bitcoin, given the former CEO’s support for Dorsey’s long-standing dream of Bitcoin, but now that Dorsey has moved on to other projects and the new CEO, parag agrwal, is in control, the social networking service may explore competing alternative currencies such as ethereum for the first time.

Today, Twitter provides users with the option to receive tips to add their ethereum address, which means other users can be able to send money directly to their digital wallets via this cryptocurrency, This change also makes it easier for Twitter users in a large number of new countries to support their favorite content creator thanks to an unprecedented list of countries that now have the ability to contribute via three new payment platforms.

Additional information about tips, how to sign up to receive them and how to fund them can be found on the Twitter support page.

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